Series D-150 - CAM Program Timers


    Synchronous Motor Driven
    When energized a Program Timer repeats continuously and synchronously, a pre-established sequencing of ON/OFF switching events. Also known as Cam or Multi-cam Timer, Cycle or Re-cycle Timer, or Repeat Cycle Timer. One "cycle" is one revolution of the output cam shaft. These may be wired for single revolution and stop operation. An external momentary pushbutton wired as shown on Homing will cause the camshaft to rotate 1 revolution only and come to an abrupt halt. During this cycle the cams perform the prescribed sequence of operations. This popular wiring is typified in cup dispensing coffee vending machinery.
  • Interchangeable Motors.
  • Interchangeable Gears.
  • KTD - 150 Dial Kit.
  • Factory Built Frame with Up To 20 Switches.
  • Time It Yourself or have us time it and you tweak it.

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