Alpha 1 Tricolor Bargraph System


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ALPHA 1 TRI-COLOR BARGRAPH SYSTEMS. The ultimate in tri-color bargraph technology. New Alpha 1 Tri-Color Bargraph System uses color as never before…to organize, communicate, and coordinate with clarity.


General Features

  • Made to Order option on physical size or performance specifications means that you can design your own instrumentation control panel or retrofit obsolete "non-supportable" existing meters.
  • Brighter colors, larger LEDs designed for easier reading across the room and from extreme side angles.
  • Superior alarm/ annunciation capability. Four independent alarm systems with complete annunciation flexibility -- flashing setpoints, flashing readouts, flashing bargraphs (color of choice), color intensity control, and reverse video capability.
  • Set-up controls are pushbutton or computer via serial communication port with on-screen prompts for each parameter in set-up sequence.
  • Expanded scale capability (bargraph only). A smal portion or the input can be "zoomed" in on and expanded over the entire bargraph.
  • Three Year Warranty

General Specifications

Series 9008 and 9009 Bargraph



7 seq digital display

±0.01% FS 25°C ambient


9008 (41 bars) ±2.5%
9009 (51 bars) ±2.0%

Set points

Same as 7 seq digital display. (note set point data is entered and triggered via digital display.)

Drift and temp stability

0.005% FS±0.005% of reading per °C ambient

Set point hysteresis

Continuously variable to ±25% of alarm value.


450 milliseconds min.

Input power

115/230 VAC ±10% 45 to 65 Hz.

Input signal

AC & DC currents or voltages

Current Input

As required

Voltage Input

1 megohm min.

Operating temp.

0 to +60°C(-14 to 140°F)

Storage temp.

-45 to 85°C(-45 to 185°F)


0 to 95% RH non-condensing


1000 ft (0.3km) below to 15,000 ft (4.6km) above sea level.

7 segment digital display

5 digits: GREEN or RED 0.28 in high


Individual LEDs 2x5mm


The intensities of both displays are individually adjusted during initial meter "set-up"


Input/output via barrier strip or connector


Front panel pushbutton or computer via serial communication port.

Weight (lbs)


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