Power Guard Line Monitor with Alarm


Plugs into standard home outlet. 3 status LEDs indicate low, normal, or high voltage. Sounds alarm when voltage goes out of safe range.


The model 9017 Power Guard plugs into a standard home outlet. When the voltage is in range the "normal" LED is lit. If the voltage goes below 108V the "low" LED is illuminated. If the voltage goes over 132V the "high" LED is illuminated. When an out of range condition is detected the audible alarm is activated, and remains active until the reset button is pushed. This alerts the user that the power was out of range, even though it may now be within range. The audible alarm is powered by an internal rechargeable battery so that the alarm will sound even while power is completely interrupted.

  • Audible alarm can be switched off if desired.
  • Module size:  2-1/8" W X 3-1/4" H X 1-1/8" D
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