Thru-Plug Analog Line Voltage Monitor


Plugs into standard home outlet and displays AC voltage. Thru-Plug allows user to observe the voltage drop caused by an appliance plugged into the thru-plug.


The model 79406LT has a thru-plug that goes into a standard household electrical outlet. The display shows the voltage at the outlet.

To find the voltage drop on the line caused by an appliance, note the voltage without the appliance, then plug the appliance into the thru-plug and note the new voltage. The difference between the two voltages will be the voltage drop. A sustained voltage drop of 5 volts or more indicates a problem that should be investigated.

  • Voltage range:  0-150 VAC
  • Input frequency range:  50-70 Hz
  • Accuracy:  +/- 4% of full scale
  • Module size:  2-1/8" W X 3-1/4" H X 1-1/8" D

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